Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hidden Objects for unannounced iPad game

The first image is what was sent to me, the second image is after I painted the hidden objects into the scene and did some general cleanup to the background.

Monday, August 12, 2013


I have been obsessed with the Mechwarrior universe since I first played Mechwarrior 2 on my family computer. The image on the cover of the strategy guide was insanely influential on me and continues to inspire many of my drawings. Check it out sometime. Anyway, it features a mech called a "Timberwolf". Here's my own Timberwolf in brilliant neon pink!!

Friday, March 15, 2013

General graphic design

For the last 9 months I've had the pleasure of working for a great company: Prodigy Promos. I still do plenty of freelance game art / 3D art / illustration / etc... But I couldn't ask for a better day job. Part of what I do is to generate designs for various organizations to put on their apparel. Here are a few examples.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Abandoned Project

After I graduated from Brigham Young University I worked for about 4 months as a 3D artist with a burgeoning animation studio that was opening up in Draper, Utah. By the time I left, one of the CEO's (who was from the Netherlands) was imprisoned for fraud, the studio infrastructure crumbled, art direction from the major client was changing almost daily, and the job I was working on became an absolutely impossible task.  Eventually it got to the point where I was being asked to single-handedly create an entire 8-minute animated short film in near-Pixar quality in a little over a month and a half... in  1080p stereoscopic 3D...  with dozens of unique, rigged, animated characters... and monumental dynamic special effects (like a tsunami destroying a small town).  Obviously this was impossible.  I feel really bad about the whole thing, because the co-CEO was and is a great guy who got stuck in a really bad situation that he wasn't prepared for. Unfortunately I had to bail on him when he needed me most because another great opportunity appeared and I had to think about my family first... it sucked.

Anyway, it's been almost 9 months since the project crashed and burned. I haven't been able to contact the guy in months, and I hope the NDA is null and void, because I'm gonna share some of the work I did here on this blog. I guess I'll find out if I get a cease and desist at some point.

Some things to keep in mind:

1) I had to model, UV map, texture, and rig every asset for this film in about 2 months.
2) I was working on my 13" macbook pro.
3) I was also creating dynamic effects tests.
4) I was also trying to light / render / composite every shot in the film... by myself.
5) All of these factors as well as many others contribute to the fact that most of this looks like crap.